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Crystal Clear Communication

  • Collaborate using Splashed online video conferences for Free!
  • Splashed is great for small groups or team meetings. Hold 1-on-1 meetings or conferences with up to 10 attendees for an hour.
  • Splashed online conference meeting rooms support HD video and high audio quality, so you can share without any loss of communication.
  • Try it yourself by installing the extension and hosting or joining a meeting!

Connect Splashed with Your Browser

  • Host or join a meeting right from your browser's new tab.
  • Displays your Splashed meetings in progress and the amount of time left.
  • Never lose your meeting by clicking "Go To Meeting Tab"
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Splashed Video Conference Browser Extension

Secure, On-The-Spot Meetings with Splashed

  • Splashed online meetings do not require a log-in, complicated passcodes and is easy to use for any ability level.
  • Splashed meetings an only be joined by a unique URL that is generated and shared by the host. Rest assured that only guests you invite may join your Splashed video conference room.
  • Try it now by installing the Splashed extension to see how easy it really is.
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